Brax catches up with Kyle

While Natalie looks after Casey, Brax catches up with Kyle who reveals that he was always jealous that his father cared more about his three half-brothers than him. Brax lets Kyle go and returns to the others, but Casey is insistent that because he’s missed his court date he can’t return to Summer Bay. Brax decides they’ll go on the run together, but Natalie isn’t impressed that Brax will put Casey before her. Can she give up her life and go with them?

Romeo collapses in the middle of a training session and is taken to hospital where Sid runs tests on him. Reluctantly, Indi reveals Romeo’s been using steroids and Sid confronts him, saying that if he continues on his path to self-destruction, he must stay away from Indi. Later, Indi pays her ex a visit and Romeo reveals he’ll dump the steroids as he loves her too much. He and Indi are back together again.

And Harvey worries about being able to afford the wedding Roo wants and asks Alf for a loan. Alf says he’ll have to think about it and later calls Harvey and Roo to meet him. When they arrive, he presents them with a huge check so Roo can have the wedding she’s always wanted.