Leah is called to collect Brax from the hospital after recovering from his head injury but there’s still some awkwardness between them from when he’d told her to stay out of his life. Roo urges Leah to ignore her feelings and move on but, when VJ tries to become a River Boy, Brax is forced to intervene, thrusting himself back into Leah’s life.

Casey and Henri have rekindled their affair but when they’re nearly caught by Gina it becomes clear to them both that their relationship could get them into serious trouble.

Meanwhile, Marilyn and Roo instigate a plan to encourage John to become a better housemate but things go awry when he storms off. Then John overhears Roo telling Harvey that Gina had said he used to drive her mad and the rift between the estranged couple widens.

And VJ’s attempt at becoming a River Boy gets him into trouble with the police.