Brax confesses his past to Ricky

When Ash rocks back into town, Brax’s past boils up to the surface again. But Ricky doesn’t understand why this is all bubbling up now and Brax confesses to Ricky that his anger was out of control in prison – it’s only because of Ash that he managed to get out alive. It’s clear he needs some space to think and heads off.   

Leah and Zac are forced to present a united front at the parent/student HSC talk, until VJ insists he wants to drop out. Irene and Roo point out that having Zac around to co-parent could be a good thing, so Leah is forced to ask for his help.

Meanwhile, with Jett preparing to choose his subjects for his HSC, John and Marilyn bicker over what’s best for their son. But when VJ points out it’s his life, not theirs, Jett warns them to back off. It’s his future, and he’ll decide what he wants to study – not them.

As Maddy finally tells Alf that she’s pregnant, Josh is disappointed when Andy’s less than supportive. He tells Maddy he’s scared he’ll turn out like his own father – but assures her they’re in this thing together. Grateful for his support, the pair share a hug.