Brax confesses his secret to Ricky

Brax confronts Debbie about Andy’s actions and Debbie reveals that the two boys believed their father Johnny left them after the botched robbery he committed with Danny Braxton. While the two of them talk, Andy sneaks up behind Brax and hits him, then a chase ensues, with Brax tracking Andy outside. He wants Andy to tell him why he ran Casey off the road. Andy thinks their dad would still be there if it wasn’t for Danny. Debbie asks Brax if he knows where Johnny is. Brax hesitantly replies that he doesn’t as Debbie reveals that she still loves Johnny. Returning to home, Brax calls Ricky – there’s something he needs to confess.

Heath is evasive about where Brax is, but tells Ricky they have to trust him. Ricky discovers Heath is studying for his personal trainer course. Heath doesn’t want to disappoint Bianca if he fails, but Ricky sends him on his way to tell Bianca. However, his insecurities prevent him coming forward.

John tells Marilyn to reveal to Roo that is Josh upstairs. Marilyn tries to break it to Alf and Roo gently, but Alf throws Josh out. Marilyn feels terrible when Roo announces Maddy has run away with Josh.

Josh is unhappy that Maddy’s turned her back on her family, but he admits that he would like Maddy to be with him, and she suggests they camp out at the school.