Brax discovers Heath’s been supplying Hayley

Brax finds Hayley with drugs in Angelo’s and, furious that Heath supplied her, warns her to stay away. Liam sees her home and she confides in him about her fears that Brax will hurt her. Being a recovering addict himself, Liam decides to help her and confiscates her drugs to help her get clean.

Townsend pushes Casey too far and he storms out of detention. However, the teacher sees him giving Sasha a lift on his delivery bike and reports him to the police, earning him a ticking off from Brax. Casey confronts him the following day, certain that Townsend was behind the report.

Xavier tells Sid of his concerns for Sasha and he tries to reach out to his daughter but she rejects him. But when Sasha sees Casey standing up for himself she speaks to her father, admitting she struggles to stand up for herself and asking to see a counsellor, something that makes Sid very proud.

And Colleen is upset when her son, Lance, is moving to America.