Brax dives in to rescue Jett

Treading water after Alf’s boat started sinking, Jett swims towards the pier. Meanwhile, Marilyn has accepted John’s marriage proposal, when Alf calls to say Jett’s boat is missing. Standing at the end of the pier, Marilyn uses a pair of binoculars and sees Jett. Brax dives into the water and just as Jett gives up, Brax reaches him and keeps his head above water. Jett apologises to Alf, and John is livid at Jett, but Marilyn tells John to leave it – today is meant to be a happy day after all! 

Phoebe asks her father to investigate the attack on Kyle, but when Kyle sees Mark get into a silver car, he’s shocked – Mark is meeting with his attacker. Later, he invites Mark over, but he doesn’t mention the meeting and tells Kyle to wait while he tracks down some leads. When Kyle confides in Brax, he is given an ultimatum: either Kyle tells Phoebe about her father’s involvement or Brax will.

Maddy keeps encouraging Spencer to try to chat up Evelyn, but nothing seems to work. Maddy suggests they should pair off to study, giving Spencer a chance to spend time with Evelyn alone.

While Spencer and Maddy squabble over how to study, sparks fly between Josh and Evelyn.