Brax embraces Ash

The handsome stranger charms Irene and Roo, but the pair clams up when he asks about Brax. When Andy and the stranger finally cross paths, things get physical with Andy on the losing end, but Andy is left perplexed when Brax sees the stranger. The pair hug like long lost brothers.

Maddy hasn’t paid back the money she stole and asks Roo for some cash for a personal training course, but Roo sees through her. The only option is to steal from the Diner; she tells Andy her predicament and he agrees to keep quiet. When Brax finds out money has gone missing, he works out Maddy is the culprit and fires her.

With Nate flat-lining, Hannah manages to save him. When conscious, Nate confesses he needs to leave Sophie, as she’s dangerous. But as he plucks up the courage to leave her she breaks down and the opportunity slips through his fingers.

Spencer goes to the hospital, but feels disgusted when Keith reminds him of their messages. Realising Keith is a dangerous predator he tells the police everything.