Brax faces 20 years behind bars

After his confrontation with Ash, Brax returns home to Ricky’s side and agrees to work with a lawyer in order to create a defense case. However, Brax’s lawyer is convinced he’ll serve 20 years in prison, as there is no evidence to prove he didn’t kill Dean. Brax is left with two choices – accuse Ash or admit to the crime and receive a lighter sentence.

The student protest over Josh and Evelyn’s mural comes to an end when Alf states that the Surf Club prohibits any artwork on the walls. A smug John ropes in Chris to remove the mural. However, there is trouble in paradise, as an upset Marilyn believes John doesn’t have a clue about romance. 

Sasha prepares to leave the Bay to go to university, while Matt is staying put to repeat Year Twelve. Matt explodes when Spencer says Sasha will eventually replace him with someone better and the pair are separated by Zac. Unwilling to explain what the fight was about, Matt gets detention and puts spending a final night with Sasha in jeopardy.