Brax is on the verge of taking his frustration out on Jamie but Kyle persuades him to resume their search. All hope seems lost until Brax spots a figure lying on the shore – it’s Heath. Brax reaches him and tries to resuscitate him but Heath is unresponsive – they need to get him to a hospital and quickly.

Meanwhile, Bianca confronts Adam about Heath but he denies any knowledge of him. Then she gets a call from Brax saying Heath’s in hospital with hypothermia. She races to his side and Heath wakes, disoriented but happy to be reunited with her.

Brax tells Adam to come round and confronts him. Adam initially denies any involvement but the weight of evidence is against him and he’s forced to admit his actions. Brax tells him they’re done and Adam and Jamie leave, but Kyle doesn’t understand why Brax has let him off so easy. Brax is worried – Adam is clever and there’s more going on here than he realises…

Casey is picked on by a fellow prisoner, Courtney, but is defended by the education officer, Zac, who’s secretly keeping an eye on him for Natalie. Zac’s interest antagonises Courtney and he targets Casey all the more, so Zac gets Casey to punch him, attempting to earn him some respect in the prison. Later, Zac explains Casey can use his time inside to start over and Casey starts to listen to his advice.