Brax has a plan for VJ

After discovering that VJ’s bad behaviour is the result of a River Boy’s prank, Leah warns Brax to stay away from her son. But when John convinces Brax that VJ needs a positive influence in his life, Brax suggests to Leah that he start a project with VJ to keep him out of trouble. Initially apprehensive, Leah is more hopeful when she sees a bond forming between Brax and VJ.

John takes on board the criticism he’s received from Marilyn and Roo by cleaning the house and restocking the fridge. When he bumps into Gina at The Diner, however, it’s clear he’s still reeling from what she’s said about his bad habits. Gina is bemused and confronts him, but the resulting row brings a realisation that they’re still very much in love and decide to give their marriage another go.

Romeo and Indi return from their revitalising holiday and things are better than ever – she’s learnt to trust Ruby and to support Romeo in his surfing. In the meantime, Ruby has become friendly with fellow surfer Steve, though Romeo doesn’t trust him. When she sees Indi and Romeo playing the happy couple, Ruby runs straight into Steve’s arms…