Brax has more problems to solve

Seeing that Casey’s been beaten up again, Zac arranges an early release for him. Once home, Casey visits Brax, who’s stunned at his injuries. He tells his brother of Jamie’s arrival and Brax heads straight over to Natalie’s to find Zac, blaming him for Casey’s injuries and warning him that if anything else happens to his brother he’ll come looking for him.

Meanwhile, Brax isn’t pleased with the state of the restaurant and blames Heath but Kyle comes to his defence, explaining how he’d tried his best even though he’d lost his visitation rights to Darcy. Brax apologises to Heath, admitting that he’d let his brother down. Later, Liam asks Brax about getting the manager’s job back but he’s just told to take it up with Heath. Annoyed, Liam helps himself to the cash till again, but this time Kyle catches him…

And Indi and Romeo are intimidated by the cost of everything that needs to be done for the gym and ask Roo for help with the marketing. However, everyone else puts their oar in, too, and Indi loses it and storms out. Romeo reassures her they can do this together and they lay down some rules for their friends. Later, Sid tells them he’s impressed with them for keeping everyone in line and he’s confident they can make this work.