Brax insists on fighting

Leah finds Brax unconscious after the robbery at Angelo’s and urges him to cancel his cage fight that evening. Brax, however, insists on competing. Not one to give up easily, Leah remonstrates with the fight organisers, but it’s no good and the fight goes ahead. Brax wins his contest, but as he raises his hands in triumph he collapses and is rushed to hospital. When he recovers, Sid tells him he’s had a lucky escape. He must give up cage fighting or his next bout may be the last thing he ever does!

Indi has prepared a romantic evening with Romeo, but he’s too concerned about Ruby to relax and wants to check she’s OK. Indi reluctantly agrees. Romeo finds Ruby is having a relaxing evening in with Xavier, but by the time he gets home, Indi has gone out with friends.

Roo persuades Dale to come to dinner at Angelo’s where they end up joining Harvey and Fleur, but she and Harvey spend so much time arguing, their dates decide to leave. Later, Harvey steals a kiss and, irritated by his audacity, Roo throws him out.