Brax is thrilled at Ricky’s arrival

Tamara’s furious with Casey for hurting himself and partially blames Heath for pushing him to prove he’s ready for work. Meanwhile, the brothers prepare for the party at Angelo’s and are interrupted by the arrival of Ricky, Adam’s little sister who’s turned up for Heath’s bash. Brax is particularly pleased to see her and it’s clear there’s a mutual attraction.

The party gets underway and Brax leaves for some ‘alone time’ with Ricky, who makes it clear she doesn’t blame him for Adam’s demise. Cheryl arrives at the party, keen to meet Danny’s other son, Kyle, and Casey’s new girlfriend, Tamara. While Kyle hides away, Tamara’s meeting with Casey’s mum astonishes everyone as she invites her into the Braxton fold with open arms. She’s not so friendly to Kyle, though, and when Casey steps in, Cheryl twigs that Kyle’s got the hots for Tamara. Casey loses it and punches Kyle.

Indi’s enjoying her romantic getaway with her husband and admits that she’s keen on starting a family as soon as possible, a revelation that hits Romeo hard. That night, Romeo writes a letter for Indi and leaves.