Brax knows Danny won’t let up

Danny returns and, after forgiving Marilyn for her snooping, learns of Heath’s discovery of the letters. Claiming they’re unimportant, he burns them before Casey can read them. Meanwhile, Natalie is feeling intimidated by Danny and asks Brax out for a drink but their conversation is interrupted when Danny, Heath and Casey arrive at Angelo’s for a family dinner and Brax feels he has to join them.

Danny tells how he’s been up to no good and insinuates he’s going after the money he’s owed, either from Brax or from Cheryl. Later, Casey begins to recognise his father’s dark side and realises that Brax is going to have to pay him off one way or another…

Mel surprises everyone by arriving in Summer Bay a day early and Harvey arranges to meet with her to discuss Lottie’s situation. But Mel takes Harvey’s news badly and she storms over the house to confront Lottie who’s cornered and upset. Mel feels betrayed and her reaction makes Harvey think she’s left the clinic too soon. Either way, Mel leaves telling them that the fight has just begun.