Brax makes Hayley talk

Holding Hayley near the cliff edge, Brax makes Hayley explain why she set him up. Hayley explains that she had a drug problem and was duped by Jake Pirovic, Charlie’s murderer. Brax can’t forgive her but she tries to make a break for it, hitting him with a rock. He soon catches her and seeing how frightened she is, lets her go.

Liam fails in his attempt to get Heath to drop the paternity test and it seems that the Braxton brother is slowly driving the couple apart. However, when April tells Heath that the DNA test could endanger the baby, he races to the hospital where Bianca is about to have a scan to tell them not to have the test.

With Roo’s help, Leah attempts to mend her relationship with Brax. They eventually meet and Leah admits her feelings for him, though she just wants them to be friends. Brax agrees, revealing that he’s still in love with Charlie.

And, struggling to cope without Henri in his life, Casey manages to find out where she’s living. Then he learns that Brax had told her to leave town and loses it with his big brother.