Brax offers Josh a place to stay

Things are tense between Maddy and Alf after he put his foot down about her relationship with Josh. Elsewhere, Brax is evasive about his reasons for bringing Josh home. When Casey arrives home with Tamara, things are awkward. Kyle still loves her. Casey is hurt to find Josh in the house, while Josh is suspicious of Brax’s interest but with no other options, Josh takes up Brax’s offer for him to stay.

Casey wants to mend things between him and Kyle. Meanwhile, Josh decides to avoid Brax when Andy warns him Brax has been collecting information on the Barretts. Ricky thinks Brax is hiding something about his relationship to Josh, and Casey agrees. Ricky confronts Brax’s connection to Josh Barrett but he loses it with her.

Since Josh has been warned away from Brax, Maddy decides to smuggle Josh into her room to stay with her. Josh isn’t sure this is a good idea – Alf made it clear he didn’t approve of him.

Marilyn and John are preparing for their first bus tour, while Roo books a seat for a journalist who will review the tour. Marilyn, John, Alf and Roo join forces to research as much about Summer Bay as possible to help Marilyn prepare. Unfortunately, the computer shuts down without Marilyn saving the document.