Brax believes Adam’s given in too easily – he’s up to something and they’ll just have to play smart. To get to Adam, they’ll have to use Jamie as bait and they come up with a plan to snare him. Heath lures Jamie to the pier and apologises for the way things have turned out. He then lets slip that he overheard Brax talking to Leah – she’s coming home. Jamie heads straight over to Leah’s house where he overhears Brax telling Liam that Leah and VJ are to be kept at a particular address. It’s a trap and Jamie takes the bait, heading over to the address… where Kyle is waiting for him.

Spencer and Maddy spend the night at the school but Maddy seems to be getting sick and Spencer’s concerned. The following day, Sasha finds their caravan site blankets in the corridor and Roo notices them, putting two and two together. She asks Sasha to leave a dinner and Roo’s phone number at their sleeping place and when the teenagers find them they disagree about phoning her. Maddy’s worried about their parents finding them but Spencer trusts Roo and he’s worried abut Maddy’s health.

And to avoid telling Celia she’s been fired from the diner, Alf asks her to help out at the caravan park but he’s lined himself up for trouble. Meanwhile, Celia takes a mysterious phone call and she seems to be on some kind of mission.