Brax prepares for jail

Hannah’s job interview at the hospital gets off to a turbulent start as she and Nate prep Josh for surgery. They’re shocked to discover that Josh’s mother shot him. Ricky realises that Andy was the one who brought the gun into the situation. Meanwhile, Brax is processed into prison.

After Heath and Ricky talk to Andy he apologises to Maddy. She tells him she knows the cops are after him, and she appreciates him risking that to be with Josh. Bianca embraces Heath, and Ricky can’t help but draw comparisons between the couples. Josh has pulled through his surgery and Andy sits by his side until the police arrive and take him in for questioning.

Jett puts pressure on John to be honest about the way he feels about Marilyn. But John tells Jett it’s not fair to Marilyn to admit his feelings if he’s not prepared to act on them. He’s not ready to cut those final ties with Gina. Jett doesn’t want to see John lonely.

Zac tells Leah he knows he’s been too intense with Hannah. Leah thinks it’s not unusual for Oscar to be acting out after leaving the cult. Zac’s amazed to hear about Hannah’s day – she reveals she really wants to work at the hospital.