Brax, lost in grief over Charlie, drinks away his pain and struggles to extricate himself from Geoffrey King’s tightening grip on the restaurant. Heath thinks Geoffrey has the answer to their prayers and buys a load of alcohol from him, in an attempt to bring Angelo’s back from the brink.

But when Heath then accepts a Rolex watch from Geoffrey, little does he know it’s going to come back to bite him. When Brax learns of the dodgy deal Heath has done, Brax fears he might lose Angelo’s after all.

April and Liam are both wondering why Bianca is so anti-Heath. Could she be harbouring a smouldering desire for him? This suspicion makes April even more determined to hold on to the bad boy, despite her promise to Bianca and Irene to stay away. Heath finally agrees they can keep their relationship a secret if that’s what she wants.

Leah is among those close to Charlie who are still struggling to cope with her death. She feels haunted at the empty house and leans on Elijah to help her and VJ get back to normality.