Brax tells Kyle that Ricky is pregnant with a boy. Kyle decides to gather a group of Phoebe’s friends to support her at her launch and also tells Matt, Phoebe wants him to be her support act. Matt is hesitant, especially when Sasha talks pessimistically about Phoebe cracking the industry. However, VJ manages to change his mind.

Ash tells Brax that Denny is engaged and Brax gives her piece of his mind. Evelyn and Hannah bump into Josh, leaving Evelyn convinced Maddy is the reason for their break up, unaware Maddy is ill. Hannah also tells Andy they have no future together.

Nate tells Zac about the photo and later at night Sophie rings Nate. She claims to be near the pier and says she wants them to be together. The next day, she stalks and calls him as he walks along the beach. When he finally answers she says she needs to be taken to hospital but when Nate gets to her motel room a romantic table for two is set.