In London, Brax tells Ricky he’s not ready to give up on their relationship. He kisses her, but Ricky just tells him to go home and Brax and Heath resolve to drink the pain away. The next morning, Bianca admits to Heath that leaving him was the hardest thing she’s had to do, and her affair with Zac was like burning a bridge, so they could never go back. Meanhile, Brax pursues Ricky, only to get hit by a car…

Spencer apologises to Maddy for the kiss and she tells him to stay away from her. But when Josh asks them what’s going on, Maddy covers and leaves Josh totally fine with Spencer hanging around. Alf warns Spencer not to interfere with Maddy and Josh’s relationship – if he needs help, come to him.

Alf invites John over to dinner to show he supports Marilyn’s relationship with him. After dinner, John explains to Marilyn that he and Alf have reached an agreement, but Marilyn still asks John to leave. Marilyn and John agree that, from now on, ‘sleeping over’ will only happen at his place.

While sightseeing in London, Casey meets a girl, Linda, who offers to show him around her home town.