Brax struggles with Casey’s death

With the Jake Pirovic investigation closed, Andy decides it’s time to move out. Ricky suggests that Andy could take Casey’s room and Brax agrees. As they start cleaning out his room, Brax becomes emotional and walks out. Ricky continues, but realises Brax needs to part of the experience. Meanwhile, Brax is furious when he learns that Indi is selling Body and Soul gym.

When Marilyn confesses she would rather keep her surname, John storms out. He rants to Irene, who makes him see things from Marilyn’s point of view. When John returns home he tells her she can stay as Marilyn Chambers, as that’s who he fell in love with and suggests they have family holiday.

Maddy finds Roo and tells her she is going to return all the clothes, but Roo is sick of Maddy’s lies. Later, Maddy meets Oscar and tries to kiss him, but he turns her down. Embarrassed she runs off, only to hear the gym is being sold. Worried about job security she goes to the office and steals a large amount of money…