Brax struggles with the idea of having kids

Brax’s aggressive behaviour makes Casey think about why Brax doesn’t want children. Casey realises that Brax doesn’t want children as he doesn’t want to go through the same issues as Heath. Ricky tells Brax she needs to have a child one day. Brax asks Ricky to give him time and that kids can be a part of their lives in the future.

Brax constantly rings Casey while he is camping but refuses to pick up. The bond between Casey and Denny grows on their trip and she opens up about growing up without a mum. When the couple return to the Bay, Brax apologises and realises Denny and Casey are good for each other.

With Roo getting better, Maddy decides to concentrate on her studies. However, Maddy’s excitement to return back to school turns to embarrassment. Ms. Taylor says that due to so many gaps in her attendance and work, she will need to repeat Year Eleven.