Brax tells Hayley to leave town

After Liam sleeps with Hayley he realises he’s gone too far and rushes out, leaving Brax to babysit her. Leah’s concerned about him and suggests he needs to get himself out of his situation. Meanwhile, Brax believes Hayley’s still playing games and suggests she leaves town, which she does, leaving Liam furious with Brax for scaring her away.

Casey attends a mediation meeting with Gina and Townsend in which he whole-heartedly apologises for his actions. Townsend relishes his admission of guilt and seems to be about to withdraw his charges against Casey. However, some of the River Boys try to intimidate Townsend into leaving the student alone and the teacher is certain Casey is behind it, no matter how much he denies it.

Unbeknown to Colleen, the girls secretly plan a leaving party for her but she’s already starting to feel forgotten and is left disappointed by the people she thought of as her family.