Brax tries to sort things out… again

Brax tries to find out what happened between Casey and Heath but Casey clams up again and Heath can’t seem to control his temper. Natalie agrees to talk to Casey to try to discover what’s behind his silence but Casey soon realises he’s being set up and refuses to speak to her.

Brax confronts him and Casey agrees he needs to talk to someone but not Natalie – she and Brax are too involved with each other to provide any counsel for him. Brax and Natalie come to the conclusion that it’s in Casey’s best interests that they terminate their relationship.

Meanwhile, Rocco is brought home from hospital but Heath starts to question whether he really is good enough to be a father. Later, when Brax confronts him over his aggression towards Casey, it’s clear that the stress of being a dad and the death of his own father has left him very unsure of himself. Brax eventually persuades him to forget Danny and concentrate on being the father Rocco needs.

And Gina is not coping well after Jett’s departure, particularly as she’s heard nothing from him since he left. Convinced something is wrong and ignoring Natalie and John’s advice to move on, Gina decides to head off to the city to talk to social services, leaving John feeling shut out by his wife…