Brax v Jake: Who Wins?

Brax meets Jake with the drugs, in return for Casey and Ruby’s safe return. But the exchange gets out of hand when Jake finds out some drugs are missing. Jake pulls out a knife and the pair start grappling. Brax orders Ruby and Casey to make a run for it. When Charlie goes to the scene the next day, she finds a car covered in blood, but no bodies…

Jake is found in the boot of his car and taken for questioning, but doesn’t reveal anything. Charlie goes to Angelo’s searching for Brax and finds him passing out – he’s been stabbed. Charlie remains at Brax’s bedside at the hospital. She seems to be realising that she can’t live without him. But then Tegan turns up with Darcy, her daughter, she announces smugly that Darcy wants to see her father.

Miles is devastated by Leah’s decision to get rid of the baby, and asks Alf and Elijah for their advice. They encourage him to tell Leah exactly how he feels. He does, and she ends up agreeing with him that ‘fear isn’t a good enough reason’ not to go through with the pregnancy. Leah decides to have the baby and they are both very excited!