Brax warns Natalie off

When Natalie starts to think that Brax isn’t thinking about Casey’s needs, she decides to talk things through with him. Brax, however, warns her to keep her nose out of his family’s business. Later, when Casey decides to stay over at Sasha’s to keep out of Brax’s hair, Natalie is called to help find him and ends up trying to get Brax to talk about his own problems – only to get the door slammed in her face!

Xavier is furious about Jett’s attack on Gina and feels pushed aside when his mother refuses to take his advice to kick Jett out. It looks as if Jett has run away and John heads off in search of him but the tearaway eventually returns and apologises profusely to Gina. He’s also apologised to VJ and done his homework – Gina’s going to give him one more chance…

And Lottie moves into Summer Bay House, though Alf reckons she’s a little nervous and advises Roo to talk to her. Roo assures her that she’s one of the household now and nothing can change that, and Lottie quickly returns to her normal, annoying, personality.