Ruby has a long talk with Elijah, Leah, Sid and Casey. She decides that she should take the doctor’s advice and turn off the equipment that is keeping Charlie alive. At the hospital, as everyone prepares for this, Brax goes crazy and barricades himself in the room with Charlie.

Constable Watson and the other police are about to storm the room when Casey rushes in and talks Brax down. Brax is waving a gun around but his little brother takes the gun and hands it to the police. As Ruby, Brax and Casey look on, the life-support machine is turned off and they say their goodbyes to Charlie.

Stu is still in hospital recovering from the beating that Sid gave him. Stu’s father Alan is hostile and ends up confronting Sid. Things get physical and their fight has serious consequences for Sid… he loses his job.

Roo struggles to see past Sid’s violent outburst, and questions whether she can be with him. She visits Sid at home and although she understands why he beat up Stu, she cannot condone it.

Indi returns from the city still upset that Romeo gave all their savings to his sister Mink. She urges him to get a job at the Resort.