Howard’s still rattled by his experiences with Gill, the breastfeeding mother yesterday; his attempt to get on with his day is interrupted when he sees Gill back in reception, again breastfeeding her baby. Before long reception begins to fill up with breastfeeding mothers who are staging an unofficial sit in. Armed with banners, they chant about Howard being against breasts!

Howard has no idea what to do, so Mrs Tembe tries to deal with the situation on his behalf but Gill calls the press. Gill challenges Howard; is he man enough to wear a pair of fake boobs to show his solidarity? Eventually, Howard tries to calm the situation by making a speech but everything he says comes out wrong and a press photographer turns up just in time to get a shot of Howard, which looks like he’s leering at one mother’s breast!

Meanwhile, Chris tells Mandy he’s going to Australia – his mate’s still out there and he thinks he can get him work. There’s only one problem, Chris wants to go as quickly as possible but Howard refuses to let him leave without completing his notice period. Later, Howard tells Chris he’s been looking over the figures and he can leave on Friday. Howard then shakes Chris by the hand and wishes him all the best in his new life. 

Also, Daniel tries to stop his friend making a decision that will blow his family apart.