Bree meets her real father

The Timminses are overjoyed when Anne Baxter returns, but Janelle wonders why Loris didn’t come back with her. Suspicious Sky asks Harold what mysterious Anne is hiding and Harold reveals that Loris swapped Anne and Bree as babies. As Sky insists Harold tell Janelle, Anne’s dad arrives, and Bree is thrown into turmoil when she comes face to face with her biological father.

Although she and Adam are over, Pepper demands he reveal the truth about his past. Adam admits he was once a policeman and blames himself for the tragic death of his partner. Believing that Pepper deserves better, Adam leaves town, breaking Pepper’s heart in the process. Devastated, she blames her dad for Adam’s departure.

Karl admits he envies Zeke and Tom’s close relationship, but after advice from Toadie, Karl decides to embrace re-living his childhood through Zeke’s rapport with Tom, much to Susan’s delight. But when she realises Tom’s illness is getting worse, Susan stays silent to keep Karl happy.

Also, after their row over Caleb, Sky and Boyd are awkward around each other; Steph attempts to use the opening night of Charlie’s to launch her political career but suffers a severe case of stage-fright.