Bree wants to meet her natural parents

Bree informs Janelle she’s planning to stay with Sky for a few days to help out with the wedding, but Janelle tells her she’s preparing for a big family dinner for her and Anne.

At the meal, Bree feels left out and drops the bombshell that she wants to meet her biological family – Anne’s parents – too. Anne warns Bree her parents won’t be as accepting as Janelle, but goes home to prepare her parents for the meeting anyway.

However, the next day, when the Timmins visit Anne’s parents, they find the house abandoned, and Anne tells Bree on the phone that she’s on the way to the airport with her mum and dad who would rather flee the country than deal with Bree.

Stingray’s thrown by Dr Karl’s news that his injuries may prevent him from one day having children, but he puts on a brave face. Sky is busy manically planning for her wedding, but is stunned when Rachel reveals that Stingray may not be able to have children. Sky comforts an oblivious Stingray by telling him he’ll always be close to her unborn baby.

Also, Lou gets a letter from Mishka who declares her undying love for him and apologises for what happened in Russia. Lou dismisses the apology.