It’s a sad, sad situation… Brenda’s agreed to have brain surgery (after collapsing at Gennie’s wedding – but, thankfully, not before Gennie and Nikhil tied the knot) but she’s terrified. Well, who wouldn’t be? The awful truth is, Brenda could die and she has to be prepared for that possibility. She has to prepare her family for that, too and she needs Bob’s help. Brenda has written letters to all her loved ones and she wants Bob to deliver them if she dies during surgery. Poor Bob! He’d probably rather have the brain surgery, but he can’t say no to her so he agrees to her request.

Cain and Charity agree on something: they’re both worried about daughter Debbie. And no wonder! Cain tells a shocked Moira what Debbie did to Chas, but sharing this problem doesn’t halve it. Cain doesn’t know what to do and neither does Charity. It seems Debbie has turned on the whole Dingle clan and no one can reach her.

Alicia reaches out to David when Leyla sends Jacob a present. It’s been nearly two years since Leyla took off with Jacob, planning to tell the boy that she is his biological mother. David got to Leyla before she did any real damage, Alicia got Jacob back and Leyla left. Now she’s sent Jacob a gift and Alicia’s worried. She needs to talk to David, but that makes Priya worried.