Awks atmos! Brenda makes Bob and Laurel squirm (some more)…

Brenda makes secret lovers Bob and Laurel squirm in the Woolpack

Brenda is devastated that her fiance and so-called friend are having an affair. But what the secret lovers, Bob and Laurel, don’t know is that she has cottoned on. Brenda is getting a sick kick out of making them squirm and, on Thursday, stirs up a storm between the guilt-ridden pair in the pub.

Having started hitting the bottle hard to blot out her anxiety about her upcoming trial, Liv has a hangover and can’t bear the thought of school. After lying to Aaron about why she’s off, Liv starts drinking again and gets in a right old mess. When Lisa finds her, will she come to her rescue despite the recent *incident*?

Elsewhere, Marlon tries to impress Jessie.

First episode of the evening.