Suspicious mind… Brenda breaks down on Kerry about cheating Bob

Brenda breaks down on Kerry telling her friend she needs to know what his lover looked like

Brenda just can’t get past the fact that Bob has cheated on her. He may have confessed – but he hasn’t told the full truth about his indiscretion. The fact that he slept with Laurel, not a random woman called Fiona who he met at a hosiery convention as his story goes. Haunted by doubt, insecurities and questions, Brenda is still worried that he’s cheating. Breaking down in tears, she confides in Kerry, revealing that she really needs to know what this “Fiona” looks like. How long will it be before Brenda finds out she sees Bob’s one-night stand every blimmin’ day?

Pete is struggling to keep a herd of sheep under control when he receives unexpected assistance…

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