Brenda collapses on Gennie’s wedding day!

So, it turns out Brenda couldn’t make it to Gennie’s wedding even if she wanted to because she’s had another seizure. Gennie’s devastated. Her perfect day has become a nightmare and instead of thinking about a honeymoon she’s rushing to hospital to be with her mother. But as she lies in her hospital bed, Brenda has a moment of clarity, seeing how upset Gennie is and what she has to lose. So Brenda gives Gennie the best wedding present ever and agrees to the brain surgery she needs.

Cain has a surprise for Moira, too: he’s not against having a baby. What? Really??? Yes, really. Trouble is, Moira’s not so keen. She’s raised three kids with farmer John and wasn’t planning on doing it all again with another man – especially not one who is dangerous Debbie’s father and who tried to force Amy to have an abortion when he got her pregnant. But Cain’s a different man now and wants a chance to get fatherhood right. He thinks this is his chance…

Jai had plenty of chances to tell Charity that he got Rachel pregnant and that he is Archie’s father, but he didn’t take any of them. Now Charity’s suspicious. She knows Archie is linked to the Sharma family, she just hasn’t worked out how…yet.