Oh, dear! This doesn’t look like a happy couple. A few days ago Bob’s heart was full of joy, thrilled at the thought of a new romance with Brenda. Now Brenda knows she’s seriously ill and doesn’t want Bob to know so she pushes him away. Bob’s crushed. Brenda puts on a brave face, but once Bob’s gone she breaks down. Of course she wants him! But she sees herself as damaged goods and is convinced that she’s not worth having now.

Sandy doesn’t break down when Laurel questions his sanity – he goes ballistic. How dare she?! Well… Sandy keeps disappearing and Laurel doesn’t know he’s with Sean, his new best friend. Sean was supposed to be helping Sandy get about as punishment for wrecking the old guy’s mobility scooter. But the punishment has turned out to be very rewarding. They’ve been hanging out in a shack in the woods and getting on like a house on fire. But when they leave a fire burning after they go home their hideaway goes up in smoke.

Paddy’s on fire, convinced he can cater Vanessa’s party… But just because BFF Marlon makes it look easy doesn’t mean it is! And, indeed, Paddy makes a schoolboy error – he leaves the fridge door open! Disaster!