Brenda finds out Nikhil is emigrating

The Sharmas hear Nikhil is still planning to emigrate to Canada, despite having been offered shares in the factory. Though his loved ones try to convince him to stay in Emmerdale, Nikhil’s mind is made up. Then, Brenda gets wind of the news that her granddaughter is going to be taken away from her, just weeks after her daughter’s death, and tries to talk to her broken son-in-law.

Declan’s mind is racing about his upcoming festival, but he’s brought crashing down to Earth when the police call with more questions. There’s been another tip off about the corpse that’s buried at Home Farm – and hush money has been mentioned. The entrepreneur reckons he’s in big trouble as the detectives start digging.

Loved-up Cameron and Debbie return to Tug Ghyll. But while Sarah’s delighted to have Cameron back in the family, Cain is gutted.