When Carly hands Bob a load of cash – having been paid by Ross on the understanding she’s not to say anything to Debbie about the hijack – Diane clocks the exchange. Bob’s horrified when he works out where his daughter has got the money from. In turmoil, he confides in Diane who urges him to come clean to Brenda. Unable to go on deceiving his wife, Bob acts on Diane’s advice leaving Brenda absolutely appalled when he confesses. After slapping Val for her part in the deception, will Brenda go one step further and report them all to the police?

They’ve shared a kiss but is the romance doomed before it’s even begun? Jimmy and Tracy are both at home when the police arrive to report the violent hijack. Jimmy’s horrified as the detective reveals the injured driver was an illegal immigrant. Can Rakesh get Jimmy out of a tricky legal position?

Also, Debbie is sent reeling yet again when Ross urges her to run away with him. Having paid off Charlie, the bad boy tells his secret lover they’re free to flee.