Brenda gets into shoplifting (VIDEO)

A new lease of life has taken over grieving Brenda. When she returns from a shopping trip laden with bags, she proudly presents Kerry with a flash handbag she’s bought her. When Georgia notices the brand and realises it must have cost her a fortune, Kerry starts to question how Brenda afforded it. Will she twig that Brenda stole it and is getting a buzz from her new pasttime?

During a private chat with her co-conspirator Declan, Charity reveals she’s told Rachel everything and is blackmailing her into confessing to setting fire to Home Farm. She’s hoping her actions will get rid of the cleaner who slept with her husband and bore his child AND save Sam. Declan’s alarmed by the turn of events, not realising how far Charity would go to get revenge on Rachel. Angry, he warns Charity he will take her down with him if her plan backfires. Meanwhile, terrified Rachel confides in Ali.

Harriet turns to Ashley for advice on how to get through to her parishioners as the clubs she’s started are failing to draw a crowd.