Brenda won’t face up to her tumour (VIDEO)

What’s Brenda doing at home with Nikhil?! She’s supposed to be in hospital, having a biopsy on her brain tumour. Brenda’s decided she doesn’t need the biopsy, though, she just needs to get on with her life. And does that life include Bob? It did before she found out she was ill. Now? Well… Brenda doesn’t want to face the fact that she’s seriously ill and she can do that better without people – such as Bob – asking questions. Gennie’s not going along with that life plan, though. She wants her mum to fight and if she won’t do it for herself then, says Gennie, she should do it for Molly. Ah, emotional blackmail – a powerful card to play.

Cameron’s not playing with Thomas; he seriously wants the lad to disappear. Thomas, you see, is a constant reminder to Cameron of how he killed Carl (Thomas’s father) and let Chas take the blame, then killed Alex. Thomas doesn’t know any of this, though, and tells Cameron he’s keeping his job at The Woolpack because the job’s helping keep him in Emmerdale, where he wants to be. But, adds, Thomas, he knows Cameron’s not his Number One fan so he’ll try to keep out of his way. He’d better!

Paddy’s no fan of Vanessa’s so he doesn’t turn cartwheels when Rhona says she wants to throw Vanessa a birthday party. Paddy just wants to throw Vanessa – as far away from Emmerdale as possible.