Ste suggests that he and Brendan go out together tonight, telling a fed up Rae about his plans. They return from their night out early and go to The Dog. Eventually, they stagger back to Cheryl’s flat and when Ste loses his footing they end up on the sofa together. Ste kisses him, but Brendan responds aggressively and orders him to leave.

As Riley and Seth lark about, a mysterious stranger watches on, but doesn’t expect to come face to face with Jem. It’s Liam and there’s obvious tension between them as they discuss how Carl ended Liam’s football career. Jem feels torn as Liam reflects on the end of their relationship.

Jasmine’s horrified when Heidi and Carl return from a shopping trip with a dress for her. A row breaks out and Jasmine is sent to her room. She escapes and heads for Bart’s house. They chat about parents and Jasmine affectionately gives him a small kiss. He reveals that he’s got Jacqui’s money from Cindy and Alistair’s wedding, but Jasmine’s far from impressed.

Also, Rhys shows Jacqui a web page about Danny, revealing he’s a con man and drug dealer. Jacqui’s defensive and puts him in his place. We see just how hung up Rhys is on Jacqui.

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