Brendan arrives in Summer Bay

Xavier is distant with Ruby when his mum and brother come to visit and Ruby feels like he’s trying to get rid of her. Xavier is reunited with Brendan, his autistic brother. But when Gina fractures her ankle, it looks like Brendan’s going to have to stay in Summer Bay where Hugo and Xavier can look after him.

Kirsty is tutoring Trey but she’s unaware of the feelings that he has for her… and that Trey is allowing others to believe that there is actually something going on between them.

Leah is sad that VJ doesn’t have a father figure in his life. She feels torn – on one hand VJ is jealous of any men coming into Leah’s life, and on the other he’s craving male attention. Leah watches VJ light up as he and Roman enjoy a game of soccer – it’s the happiest she’s seen VJ in months.

Geoff reveals to Annie that he and Nicole broke up, and Nicole reveals the same to Ruby. Trey notes that the school captains are fighting. On this, Geoff is quick to resign as school captain and Nicole in turn is disappointed and confused at Geoff’s behaviour. But it’s simple: Geoff doesn’t want any type of partnership with Nicole.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday April 9*

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