Ste fully expects that this time Brendan will come round and they can be a proper couple. But he is disbelieving as Brendan decides to deny his sexuality once again by ‘going straight’.

Ste gives up and storms off, finally giving up on their relationship. Brendan hides him upset and we soon realise he’s got Lynsey pegged as the perfect new wife and mother to Declan.

As Bart and Jason fear for their lives there is only one person who can save them. But Sinead is gutted and feels betrayed by Bart, especially after going through such hard times together. But as she sits contemplating their fate she feels compelled to return to set them free.

Also, Carmel helps Theresa get ready for her date with Will, but it’s clear that she is terrified that things won’t run smoothly. After all they don’t have a great track record.