Brendan defends Mitzeee

Mitzeee sneakily organises a photo shoot at Chez Chez. Warren likes the look of Mitzeee and assumes Brendan’s doing her a favour for the same reason. But Brendan is suspicious of the cheeky photographer. Later, the photographer asks Mitzeee to do a topless photoshoot and she’s grateful for Brendan when the he crosses the line and insists on keeping the photos. Both Warren and Brendan confront him and he gives the photos back.

Suzanne talks to Darren, asking about him and Nancy. Rhys turns up and Darren reveals that Suzanne is having his twins. A shocked Rhys confronts Suzanne about how Darren will support the kids, and Darren insists he will do his best. Later, Rhys apologises to Suzanne and tells her that she needs to get rid of Darren. But she tells him that Neville has thrown her out and she has nowhere else to go.

Lee is staying with Doug in the cramped motorhome, while Leanne continues to wind him up, and Bart offers to set Lee up on a hot date with one of his ‘girls’. Meanwhile, Lee continues to push Guy Candy

Also; a mysterious figure is revealed to be living in the Osborne’s attic.

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