Brendan goes all out to impress

Cindy reveals to Brendan that Cheryl stuck up for him and the hopeful Irishman decides to pull out all the stops to get his sister back.

Brendan finally bites the bullet and asks Ste and Noah to help him cook Cheryl’s favourite meal. She returns home after Warren fails to meet her in the club and knowing how hard it must have been for Brendan to ask for Ste’s help, the brother and sister are reunited.

Jacqui fumes at Mercedes for her stupidity and demands she tell Riley the whole truth. However, Carl and Mercedes join forces and Carl offers Mercedes cash to give to her sister, certain this will keep her quiet. Jacqui is furious at the bribe and ensures that she wasn’t going to say anything in the first place but now this has made things certain.

Also; Myra and Theresa struggle with their fast for the homeless. But their hunger is quelled by extreme shopping sprees on their new credit cards.

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