Brendan issues Ste an ultimatum

Jacqui warns Carmel about Brendan, but she’s dismissive. Remembering what Ste told her, Jacqui decides to confront Brendan and asks him about the dubious nature of the Barcelona trip. Brendan manages to reassure Jacqui, but knows Ste has been talking.

When Amy asks Ste to look after the kids, Brendan pounces. Offering to pay for a babysitter, he invites her round for a drink at the club later. Brendan issues Ste a new ultimatum: keep quiet or he’ll enlist Amy to accompany him on one of his dodgy trips.

Gabby’s mortified when Phil punches Tony. In retaliation, Tony threatens to spill Phil’s huge secret, which soon stops him in his tracks.

Gabby tells Phil the truth about her and Tony, but everyone wants to know why Amber lied. Amber flees, but Phil catches up with her and orders her to apologise. She’s crushed when he tells her that she’s got to go back to Gabby and Tony.

Also; Jack is taken aback by Darren’s news that he’s enrolled as a student and he’s moving out. He finds the time to apologise to Darren and tells him how much he respects what he’s doing. But he’s dumbfounded when Jack tells him Neville’s selling the house and they’re going to be homeless.

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