Brendan knows Theresa’s secret!

Kyle asks Brendan who he is and why he helped him escape from hospital. Brendan tells him he’s name is Warren Fox and his motives are irrelevant. Kyle tells him that Calvin got Theresa pregnant and she murdered him, but the McQueens are covering for her. He says he wants to go far away and hide, but Brendan tells him he should find Teresa and get revenge.

Meanwhile, Warren goes to see Ste asking him if he delivered Kyle the package. Ste is being fed text messages from Brendan and is able to answer all of Warren’s questions assuring him Kyle has done a runner. Later, Warren tells Theresa that Kyle is gone and she’s safe.

Amy turns up at the registry office for Leanne and Lee’s wedding. Lee tells her he’s marrying Leanne and gives her the letter dismissing him that Amy supposedly wrote to him. Amy reads it and realising Leanne faked the letter she storms back in and stops the wedding.

Also; Ste is sleeping with Brendan when he ignores a text from Rae. Little does he know her period is later and she is taking a pregnancy test.

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