Amy’s student loan won’t clear in time to pay the bills so Ste seeks Brendan’s help to stop Amy dropping out of college. Jacqui agrees to have lunch with Brendan and Danny Houston, much to Rhys’s disappointment. Ste’s surprised when Brendan gives him a wad of money so he can look out for Amy.

Brendan makes it clear that he expects Ste to steer clear of Rae from now on if he is to give him the money and an oblivious Amy’s delighted. Ste goes to confront Brendan, but sees him in a rage and keeps quiet. Meanwhile, Rhys is annoyed that Jacqui’s going for lunch with Danny and Brendan, but is caught when she asks what his problem is.

Gilly and Steph are glad to be home after their honeymoon, but their romantic afternoon is interrupted by Darren complaining about the play. Gilly’s unsympathetic so Darren introduces the new director, Steph. Later, Darren asks Steph to play cupid with him and Jem – although Jem twigs what’s going on, she can’t refuse a dying lady.

Also, Taylor meets Arlo on the football field. Duncan wants to cheat, but Taylor won’t so they lose. Duncan takes his revenge by hiding Arlo’s clothes. Taylor helps Arlo get them back and their friendship is sealed.

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