Ste sees Brendan going down to the cellar and follows him. Brendan punches him in the stomach completely knocking him for six. Immediately afterwards, Brendan insists on taking Ste to hospital. A completely and utterly confused Ste allows himself to be led away.

Jem and Liam go on their date, only to be interrupted by Jasmine and Bart. Then Seth and Riley turn up. They haven’t seen Liam for years and are pleased to find out he’s a cage fighter and he invites the boys to watch him fight next week. As Liam takes a phone call, it’s clear there is more to his invite than meets the eye.

Gabby spots a poster advertising a Vicars and Tarts night at the dog – a free bottle of bubbly with every outfit bought at Cincerity. She confronts Heidi, only to discover it was India’s idea. Insults fly, leading Heidi to dare her to come to the party dressed as a tart.

Also, Mercedes sees Malachy isn’t wearing his wedding ring; Bart and Jasmine kiss, but she leaves to hang out with Jason; Brendan tells Rhys that it’d be dangerous if Jacqui were to get on the wrong side of Danny and she overhears him. Later, Jacqui informs them that she’s dumped Danny.

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