Brendan continues to make life difficult for Xavier and Hugo. Hugo’s primary concern is not inconveniencing Martha… and then Brendan flashes her! Even though it’s a funny moment, Hugo thinks this is only the beginning of their troubles. Xavier is invited to a party and Hugo leaves Brendan with Martha. Xavier’s fun doesn’t last long – he gets a call from Martha in a panic. Brendan has run away. Xavier rushes out to look for him.

Leah apologises to her dinner guests for VJ’s outburst. VJ says he doesn’t like Roman anymore. While driving with Roman, Leah explains her concerns to him – is it too soon to start something between them? At that moment, a stone smashes through the windscreen and hits Roman on the temple. In the distance Brendan laughs, holding a slingshot.

Belle is withdrawing from drugs. Annie finds her in serious pain and calls Aden, but he refuses to help. It reminds him of his dad’s addiction, and he thinks she needs to sort this out on her own. Nicole talks him round and Aden rings Belle, but she doesn’t answer. He goes round and is shocked by how sick she is. He decides there and then that he won’t leave her until she’s well.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday April 21*

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